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Showing movies Wednesday - Sunday at 7 p.m.


Established in 1914, Cresco Theatre and Opera House has long standing tradition of providing entertainment for all ages.

Champlin Hall

A family friendly and accessible space for your next event.


From the days of Vaudeville and silent movies to live performances and 3D movies, Cresco Theatre and Opera House continues to be a crowd pleaser.

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Established 1914
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Showing Now - Wednesday -Sunday at 7 p.m.
Ticket Prices:
Students 5-12  $5.00;  Adults 13-62 $8.00;   Seniors 63+ $5.00;  Children 4 and under are free.
3D Movies: Students 5-12 &7.00;  Adults 13-62 $10.00;  Seniors 63+ $.00;

Gigi & Nate
9/23 - 25 & 28 - 29  PG-13

Gigi & Nate

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9/16 Beast R
9/23 Gigi & Nate PG-13
9/30 Jaws PG
10/7 Don't Worry Darling R
10/14 Running The Bases PG
10/21 Ticket To Bases PG-13
10/28 Ticket To Bases PG-13

Gigi & Nate
A fun surprise.

A saw " Gigi and Nate" today during Cinema Day. I knew the basic premise of the film, but didn't do any further research, and I am happy going in naked on this one. We meet Nate, then 18 years old, cliff diving. He does a fall, walks it off, but days later with family celebrating Independence Day receives major pain and diagnosis that paralyze him for good. We do a time jump, Nate tries to kill himself in the family's koi pond, and dad, played by Jim Belushi, saves his life. Mom realizes her son needs a companion; she gets a helper monkey. Everyone at first is not really fond or accepting of Gigi, soon as Gigi starts to help out, he is more accepted. I'm giving this a 10 star, but, and a huge but, I was not a fan of the lead, Nate. The parents and sisters were acted great, but Nate, Charles Rowe, under impressed for me. I was more taken away by Jim Belushi's performance and the young women who played his sister's. In fact, I was watching this wondering why Belushi does not do more of these roles. He can truly act, and , I just felt he is being under used. I felt every emotion. I cried. I smiled I laughed. I shrieked. Even if the story does not sell it for you, see this for the monkey. The monkey made the sweetest faces and the fact he developed this bond with Nate was charming. The ending, I am not saying, but was perfect. It came full circle.

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